Sunday, February 27, 2011

Words of the Day XXI

Twenneh ONE!

Today, I woke up, and had horrible flash backs about my drunken antics from my party. I'm sorry reasonably younger girl, I'm sorry.

Japanese Word of the Day is: 学長


English Word of the Day is:  Nong

Gakuchou is the Japanese word for the head of a university.
The first character means school, and the second means boss, or leader. It is found in all business related Japanese terms. Kaichou, bucchou and so forth are all Japanese words describing a position of authority, and each has the 'chou' kanji. Interestingly, the chou part is also the kanji for long. Neat!

Nong means a silly person.

Gakuchou in a sentence: 

The Vice Chancellor of the University graciously lifted to his lips 12 shots of Scotsman-made whiskey.

Well, that's about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section if you match the Vice Chancellor's drinking abilities!


  1. 12 shots? Don't think I can do that. Never tried, never will.

  2. nong? didnt know that was a word, will be using in my next game of scrabble.

  3. nong, for real? don't make me look it up!

  4. Please, you made that younger girl's night.

  5. ...what did you do to this young girl?, can't hold my liquor well at all. especially beer, fucking bloat up so fast.

  6. I had no idea that nong was a real word.

    IT is right...?

  7. I think Japanese whisky is just as good!

  8. I love your blog, I'm totally following!

  9. reasonably younger girl? sounds like a fun time

  10. In some cases the gakuchou and the nong can be the same person.