Friday, February 18, 2011

Words of the Day XVI

Oh no my hand!

Today, I woke up and went about my day. Then these things came to my attention. That site has some awesome stuff on it. So I played a little bit of Die2nite, a horrible translation into English from French. For ultimate hilarity check out their terms and conditions here, I especially like how you aren't allowed to mock anyone for their 'urological or
eschatological dispositions'. Really frenchmen, really? Anyway, I played the game for about ten minutes and during that time I helped build a tower, went out into the desert, got my crotch chewed on by zombies, hurt my hand and gave up. Intense zombie action! But really, it looks like a lot of fun, and I'm just a noob.

Japanese Word of the Day is:

English Word of the Day is:  Anthropophagi

Korosu means to murder or kill. General use word, just like in English, used in lieu of more unpleasant details.

Anthropophagi a word from greek anthro meaning man and phagus meaning eat. It literally means man-eaters. This is a medieval trope, and a classical trope. At one point it was used derisively against early Christians referring to the doctrine of the real presence, and then later on referring to random savages from travel writing, with no heads put faces mounted in their chests. Gorific!

Seppuku in a sentence: 

I killed them by my own hands.

Well, that's about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section if you like the zombie genre!


  1. Wow, now there's a word I have never seen before.

  2. seppuku is probably the reason why japan's pop is decreasing

  3. hannibal lector was a Anthropophagi

  4. I will start using these words frequently.

  5. Anthropophagus is a grindhouse movie!

  6. another great Japanese word. thanks for these.

  7. I aint no korusu anthropophagi. Good words to add to the vocab tho.