Monday, January 31, 2011

Words of the Day V

1812 Overture, anyone?

Over the weekend, I watched and did some interesting things. But that's not really what this blog is about, so instead we have today's Words of the Day!

Japanese Word of the day: 爆発

English Word of the Day:  Introduction

Bakuhatsu means, an explosion, eruption or detonation. It's a noun, so you can refer to it on it's own with adjectival clauses, or add する on the end to make it a verb. Useful!

"Introduction"と言うことは自己紹介です それだけです。

Bakuhatsu in a sentence: すごいだ! あの人のわれめちゃんが爆発している!
                                       Whoah! That person's cunt is exploding!

Tell me in the comment section if your cunt has ever exploded! Well, that's all for today. Thanks a lot.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Haha, oops.

As I was staring at my page, zoning out, wondering if I could be bothered making this blog today, I accidentally looked up one of my own ads, because it was legitimately interesting to me. Uh oh. Median pay rates for jobs in my country are actually interesting. Hah. 

Look forwards to a more dense word of the day tomorrow, or maybe on monday, just not in the mood today.

Succinct Words of the Day!!

Japanese Word of the Day:  月

English Word of the Day: Time!

Getsu is japanese for month.

Time means time,

Our sentence of the day: It's her time of the month, so she's being an amazing bitch.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Words of the Day IV

Silent, but violent.

y, someone farted, and it was rank. But handily, that leads me to today's words of the day!

Japanese Word of the Day is: 行くぞう


English Word of the Day is:   Flatulence

Ikuzou is the imperative, short form of Iku, which means to go. Plain form imperatives are rarely used outside of the military as far as I can gather, and very impolite, however....

Flatulence is the blue-blooded way of saying a fart, letting one rip, making a squelcher, and so on. When you do this, it's either awesome, or nasty, depending on where you are in the scheme of things. Long story short, if you can catch someone with their mouth open, you win the most. if you are caught with your mouth open, well, that just sucks for you. Don't force it though, or there may be consequences!

Ikuzou in a sentence:  屁 したから地獄に行くぞう。
                                   Because you farted you can fuck off to hell.

Well, thats about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section if farts are hilarious or gross! Also, todays word's of the day were provided by my friend Wills. Blame him for today's topic.

Word of the Day III


Today, a game called Magicka came out, a little home brewed game about magic and wizards. It's a bit broken so far, but they'll fix it, no doubt. With that in mind, a fun part of magicka is it's pop culture references. The beam spells are one of them.

Japanese Word of the Day is:  交わる

English Word of the Day is:   Juxtapose

Majiwaru means to cross or intersect or mix. Funnily enough, it also means to copulate. But that's not the meaning we're trying for today. Nice easy kanji to remember and relatively common usage, majiwaru is today's Japanese Word of the Day!

Today's related English word is Juxtapose, which means to put two things that ordinarily do not fit together, together, or to superimpose them across each other. A sort of mixing of two different, completely dissimilar things. Sort of like someone fat having a skinny girlfriend. Some juxtapositions are aesthetically pleasing as, although they don't match, it works because of how striking or odd it is, and obviously some don't.


Majiwaru in a sentence:  ビムを交わわらなくちゃいけない!

                                   Don't cross the beams!

Well, thats about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section if you bought and have enjoyed Magicka *or* what your favourite joke is!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Word of the Day II


Today, I was walking to uni and saw someone walking their dog. For some reason, this made me intesnsely want a dog, but of course, I can't have one at a flat. Alas. But that did make me think of today's words:

Japanese Word of the Day is:  犬 (いぬ)

English Word of the Day is:    Enamoured

Inu is the Japanese word for dog. Like in english, it a blanket term for dogs in general, and doesn't really refer to any specific type of dog. It can also be used as a prefix to mean something is a spy or a sneak or something like that. Interesting!

Again, you know what a dog is. But, enamoured is a word that means to love. It has more *ahem* amourous connotations because it is of french origin. It is a french word that has been beaten into english by adding copious amounts of english prefix and just a bit of British spelling. Hence, instead of saying saying, I love you, you might say, I am enamoured with you. Which just sounds less honest, doesn't it? Thats the major difference between french and anglo-saxon words, where love is anglo-saxon in origin and enamoured is french in origin. It makes you think. All I know is that I want a dog!


Inu in a sentence:  今日は女の人が犬で歩くことが見た。
                           Today I saw a woman walking her dog.

Well, thats about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section what your favourite animal is!

Words of the Day!

After looking around a few blogs and seeing what's on offer, I've decided to, for at least today, make a 'Word of the Day' posting. Hopefully, I'll have a word in Japanese and a Related word in English. Sometimes the same, sometimes not. Then a question for my beloved readers. So, without further ado:

Japanese Word of the Day is:   むらさき

English Word of the Day is:     Pigment

Murasaki is the Japanese word for purple. It is a general term for purple/violet as far as I can gather, and it also can refer to a Japanese plant with purple flowers as well. Purple is my favourite colour, and therefore an easy choice for my first Japanese Word of the Day.

Now, as you all definitely know what purple is, let's try something related, but less common. A pigment is a dye or paint used to colour things, or, when referring to the pigment or pigmentation of things, can be used to describe the hues and visual effect of the object in question somewhat more elegantly than saying, "it is purple," for example, "the pigmentation was purple," just like the prose.

Murasaki in a sentence:  私の好きな色がむらさきです。
                                     Watashi no sukina iro ga murasaki desu.
                                      My favourite colour is purple.

Well, thats about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section what your favourite colour is!

 [Edit] Just as an extra aside, remember that if your blog isn't in your profile, and you haven't commented it to me, I can't actually return the favour and support you as well. If you've already let me know on my first post, then we're already all good. -Juan

Saturday, January 22, 2011

All journeys begin with a first step.

So today, on a particularly rainy and grey day in an otherwise golden Waikato summer, I have decided to start a blog, to see what all the fuss is about. Perhaps the process will allow me to clear my thoughts, or perhaps it will simply be some sort of messy soup of jumbled thought and language that will just serve to confuse and upset anyone that might read this. Indeed, perhaps I shall incorporate things dear to me, which would of course be language. I love language, everything about the living language is fascinating to me. Cursory evolutionary linguistics and just casual parlance boggle me and make me so appreciative of simply how amazing the English language can be. To be certain, it is no longer simply England's English that we all speak, and indeed never has there ever been any standardisation of English in the slightest. Even now, the word processor is telling me off for my British was of spelling with an 's' instead of a 'z'. Fascinating stuff. Well, thats about it for today, hopefully I'll keep adding to this in the future.