Monday, January 24, 2011

Word of the Day II


Today, I was walking to uni and saw someone walking their dog. For some reason, this made me intesnsely want a dog, but of course, I can't have one at a flat. Alas. But that did make me think of today's words:

Japanese Word of the Day is:  犬 (いぬ)

English Word of the Day is:    Enamoured

Inu is the Japanese word for dog. Like in english, it a blanket term for dogs in general, and doesn't really refer to any specific type of dog. It can also be used as a prefix to mean something is a spy or a sneak or something like that. Interesting!

Again, you know what a dog is. But, enamoured is a word that means to love. It has more *ahem* amourous connotations because it is of french origin. It is a french word that has been beaten into english by adding copious amounts of english prefix and just a bit of British spelling. Hence, instead of saying saying, I love you, you might say, I am enamoured with you. Which just sounds less honest, doesn't it? Thats the major difference between french and anglo-saxon words, where love is anglo-saxon in origin and enamoured is french in origin. It makes you think. All I know is that I want a dog!


Inu in a sentence:  今日は女の人が犬で歩くことが見た。
                           Today I saw a woman walking her dog.

Well, thats about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section what your favourite animal is!


  1. my favorite animal is.............PANDA BEAR

    your friend,

  2. Dogs are ok, but I always preferred cats ^^

    btw thanks for the daily Japanese sentence. I try to learn the language and it is nice practice for me.

  3. Yeah, I am more of a cat person too - don't mind dogs though.
    I agree on the word enamoured. On its own, I think it sounds stronger than love but it a sentence it does not have as much of an impact.

  4. Thank you! This is a great idea for a blog. I was thinking of taking up a new language and your blog can definitely help me get started!

    following and supporting

  5. Yeah, i'm more of a cat person too, but don't get my wrong, dogs touch my heart haha.
    What's cutest than the worlds cutest cat?
    Any dog xD haha

  6. I'm going to start using enamoured and watch the confusion on their faces.

  7. Great. I have an Inu! Maybe you have already seen it on my blog!

  8. inu, is a good word, i like it, it makes me smile

  9. This is always so random, lol. I love how you connect the words. As for my favourite animal: CATS!!

  10. Cats and dogs are the best!

  11. "Gou" is dog in mandarin, fun stuff.

  12. Wish I could have a dog in my dorm! :(

  13. i want a dog too, but my landlord won't allow me because of my hardwood floor... pity