Friday, February 4, 2011

Words of the Day IX

It's sweaty, sweaty summer!

Today, I got unbelievably sweaty. It's really hot and humid here at the moment, and we were all feeling rather damp. Which is, of course, gross. However, to offset our misery, it is time to drink tonight!

Japanese Word of the Day is: 酒  (さけ)


English Word of the Day is:  Perspiration

Sake is the umbrella Japanese term for
alcohol, and it also means the very specific rice wine the Japanese themselves make. In the generic way of speaking, it just means alcohol. To respond that you are drinking an otherwise unsubscribed alcoholic beverage, you may simply say you are drinking sake. However, there is sake in terms of the specific rice wine similar to the Korean soju. This is also what umeshuu, a delicious sour-sweet Japanese liquor produced from steeping green plums in alcohol comes from

Perspiration is a classy way of saying sweat. It also exists as a verb, to perspire. I, like my father, sweat like a pig for no apparent reason at any slight increase of temperature, so Japan is very uninviting in terms of temperature. Except for Sapporo, perhaps.

Sake in a sentence: 酒です。
                               It's sake. (I was going to make this quite a complicated sentence, but I couldn't figure out how to nest a request and reason in a single sentence, and it got too hard, too hard for a sentence of the day anyway.) 

  Well, that's about it for me today. Tell me in the comment section what your favourite liquour is.


  1. I don't drink often enough to have a favorite... I like my liver!

    Perspiration, though... what an interesting word. Often implies hard work, but there are so many other meanings.

  2. What does sake (as in, the rice wine) actually taste like?

  3. It's why when looking for deodorants, look for the Anti-Persperant ones to avoid sweat patches!
    Standard deodorant just changes what your sweat smells like, but you'll still get sweat patches if you're not careful!

  4. Sake, itself? It tastes like feral, methanol-stained shit, if you'll excuse my french.

  5. I so envy you the summer weather. Anyway I don't really have favorite alcoholic beverage since I don't drink that much

  6. real men drink only votka, russian finest!
    Also the romanian tuica(its like votka only way stronger).

  7. I love sake. sake sake sake. Down to my belly

  8. Perspiration. nice word
    we had today about 5°C and a bit of rain and a lot of wind. would you change?

  9. nice post, have fun tonight!

    your friend,

  10. I have an easy sentence! "this Sake tastes like my perspiration"

  11. Time for some sake bombs. Bottoms up!

  12. That fucking sentence is just about complicated enough.

  13. Mmmm...Id rather have cold sake than warm sake. It does have a more pungent taste to it but thats what makes it unique. If you want to try sake in a different way get some plums or Ume. Choya is a pretty popular brand for that.